Often at the end of someone's life, the inheritance of estates and property are often handed over to one or a few family members. Whether one's belongings go to the family or spouse can be straightforward when a legal will is left behind. However, in cases where the will becomes contested, where there is no executor left on the will by the deceased, or for other reasons, distribution of the remaining estate becomes subject to the probate courts. From validation of a will to taking stock of the decedent's assets, Karlstein Law Group: Elder Law, Estate Planning & Probate Attorney is a NJ licensed attorney who can handle the legal proceedings following someone's death.

The role of a good probate attorney makes certain that a will is enacted accordingly to the deceased's wishes and reaching all his or her loved ones, as well as finalizes all the leftover affairs he or she may have. That means we understand how to advise an executor throughout the entire legal process as well as assist the beneficiaries settle the deceased's final affairs. As an elder law firm familiar with the legal process after death, we are dedicated to representing your best interest as well as the deceased's. Whether you want advice on if an estate should enter the legal process or if you want representation on estate an trusts administration based on your role as executor of wills, we are fully prepared to help. A skilled estate planning lawyer can delegate to the beneficiaries as needed or represent parties in various litigation's involving the estate. If you believe you have a right to an estate based on familial or spousal relations with the deceased, for example, we can represent your contests to a will--as well as defend against mishandling of estate administrations by the executor or any other involved in the posthumous legal process.

When you want to make sure that an estate reaches the right hands, trust our law office to help. Call Karlstein Law Group: Elder Law, Estate Planning & Probate Attorney in Manalapan Township, NJ today.